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Dental Evolutions Introduces Dentist Removable Patient Fixed Implant Supported friction Grip Bridge: FRIDGE™.

Traditionally, wearing “dentures” was a sign of old age and lack of teeth. Emotionally, when patients have to wear removable teeth, they have great resistance. Traditional dentures suffer from lack of retention and unwanted mobility during mastication and speech. As implants became popular, the retention problem of dentures was resolved by attaching them to implants, however, they were still removable appliances, and they were fraught with social stigma.

Dental Evolutions Introduces New FDA-Approved Dental Implant System Implanova at Annual AO Meeting in San Diego, CA.

Dental Evolutions Inc. introduced the first self-grafting, self-osteomizing dental implant system at the Annual Academy of Osseointegration’s Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA on Thursday, February 18th, 2016. “After studying, placing and restoring dental implants for more than 25 years, I thought of many improvements and noticed many shortcomings and limitations of existing dental implant systems. They are too expensive, too cumbersome, with too many parts to satisfy different implant case,” says founder of Dental Evolutions Inc. and inventor of Implanova, Parsa T. Zadeh, DDS, MAGD, FICOI.