Taking dental implant and orthopedic practices to new levels not achievable by existing technologies.

DENTAL EVOLUTIONS® Inc. is a medical technology company focused on developing and commercializing innovative dental products using proprietary products and procedures. The company’s first commercial product, Implanova®, boasts a cutting-edge system designed to simplify dental implant placement & restoration, as well as to overcome the shortcomings of existing implant systems. The technology stems from 30 years of clinical experience with various legacy implant systems and 3+ years of CAD/CAM modeling. They are easily adaptable to the experienced clinician as well as easy to learn by a new practitioner. More importantly, they are easy on patients in terms of surgical trauma and speed of healing.


Implanova® by Dental Evolutions helps dentists provide patients with cutting edge care by providing the most sophisticated designs and solutions.

This new system, with its very sophisticated self osteometizing and self-grafting design is very easy to learn, very simple to place and restore and very simple to keep stock of.

Every new implant practitioner can learn and use this system with ease and can afford both financially and skill wise, to make it as part of their services.

The veteran implantologist will find this system to be very versatile and logical. The entire system has a single attachment size and a single screw size. All prosthetic parts fit all implants.

Additionally, if our parts are unavailable in any part of the world, Astra Aqua parts retrofit our implants.