Implanova® implants boast self-osteomizing and self-grafting features, supplemented with an extremely easy prosthetic attachment setup. For the practitioners to take advantage of these innovations, they need to learn and understand the design features that are responsible for these advantages. The practitioner is expected to know the basics of dental implant placement and restoration. This course will not cover the basic principles of dental implant placement or restoration. If Implanova implants are treated like other endosseous dental implants currently in market, their benefits cannot be appreciated. It’s easy.


The Implanova® Certification Course explains in detail the entire Implanova® dental implant system and simplifies the selection of various implant sizes through use of charts and x-rays. The difference between surgical protocols and procedures for Implanova® implants and conventional dental implant systems are explained using animated videos, x-rays, and photographs. Finally, the practitioner is shown the simplicity by which almost all anterior and posterior restorations can be performed using one of the abutment selections from this system. In addition, procedural photos and videos are used to show practitioners the numerous possibilities of the system.

A schedule of classes can be found in the Course Schedule section. You may register for classes by phone, email, or directly through our website.

​These courses, which are about 2 hours in length, can be taken at the Implanova® office at 9100 Wilshire Blvd Suite W448 in Beverly Hills, CA or by recorded webinar online. Two CE credit units will be awarded upon completion of the course and, upon answering a 20-qustion quiz, an Implanova® Certified Dentist certificate will be issued.