Due to the universal attachment type of all
Implanova® implants, all restorative components
including healing caps and abutments will fit all implant sizes.

The Implanova® abutment system features streamlined and straightforward options for cement-retained and FrictionGrip™ implant restorations. Implanova® abutments come in three forms – straight solid abutments, contoured shoulder abutments and angled Unibutments™. All variations of solid abutments have an integrated external thread that is designed to be directly fastened into the Implanova® implant fixture without the need of an additional screw. All contoured-shoulder abutments are indexed and use a universal abutment screw to fasten to the implant fixture. All variations of Implanova® angled Unibutments™ and indexed contoured shoulder will be attached to the Implanova® implant fixture using a universal abutment screw. All Implanova® abutments are compatible with and fit all Implanova® implant sizes.

*Prepable Straight Solid Abutments

Prepable Single abutments are single-piece, solid abutments that are designed to be used in parallelism with a placed implant fixture. Solid abutments are available in four diameters – Platformless, Narrow (4.1mm), Standard (4.8mm), and Wide (6.5mm) – and are selected based on the available space between the two adjacent teeth and the type of prosthesis to be used.

Solid abutments are ideal to be used
in two or more adjacent implants. In this case
the chance of screw loosening would be practically zero.

For each abutment diameter, there are 3 different neck lengths available – Short (1.7mm), Medium (3.1mm), and Long (4.6mm) – which are designed to be used with crestal, subcrestal (1-2 mm), and way subcrestal (2-3 mm) implant placements, respectively. All solid abutments are preppable by the practitioner for specific prostheses simply by using a round burr due to a thick, meaty abutment center. Solid abutments feature a single hexagonal socket size that is universal to the Implanova® implant system and compatible with the Pick ‘Em Up™ Hex Drivers. Implanova® straight abutments should be placed manually or at 20 rpm with a torque of 20 N-cm.

Solid abutments are ideal to be used in two or more adjacent implants. In this case, the chance of screw loosening would be practically zero. Solid abutments are not recommended as single unit restorations as occlusal forces may loosen abutment-restoration unit. 

Caution: Due to ConeLock™ technology, once the abutment is screwed on the implant, it may become impossible to unscrew the abutment without unscrewing the implant with even as low as 5 Ncm force, unless the implant is integrated (6 weeks out). Therefore, if you are placing the abutment at the time of initial placement, make sure the implant is secure (larger than 30 NCm insertion torque) and you have the correct diameter and neck length for abutment selected.