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Taking dental implant and orthopedic practices to new levels not achievable by existing technologies.

DENTAL EVOLUTIONS®, Inc., is a medical technology company focused on developing and commercializing innovative dental products using proprietary products and procedures. The company’s first commercial product, Implanova®, boasts a cutting-edge system designed to simplify dental implant placement & restoration, as well as to overcome the shortcomings of existing implant systems. The technology stems from 30 years of clinical experience with various legacy implant systems and 3+ years of CAD/CAM modeling. They are easily adaptable to the experienced clinician as well as easy to learn by a new practitioner. More importantly, they are easy on patients in terms of surgical trauma and speed of healing.


Implanova® by Dental Evolutions Inc. helps dentists provide patients with cutting edge care by providing the most sophisticated designs and solutions.

This new system, with its very sophisticated self osteotomizing, self-grafting, self osseodensifying design is very easy to learn, very simple to place and restore and very simple to keep stock of.

Every new implant practitioner can learn and use this system with ease and can afford both financially and skill wise, to make it as part of their services.

The veteran implantologist will find this system to be very versatile and logical. The entire system has a single attachment size and a single screw size. All prosthetic parts fit all implants.

Additionally, if our parts are unavailable in any part of the world, Astra Aqua parts retrofit our implants.


Dental Evolutions Inc. acknowledges its responsibilities as a manufacturer of medical devices and commits to complying with requirements of all governing regulations and to maintain the effectiveness of the quality system.

Dental Evolutions Inc. has a Quality System that establishes and maintains a quality policy for a level of quality which determines and meets customer needs, and complies with relevant statutory, safety and regulatory requirements. This policy ensures meeting all their regulatory requirements from design through finished product.

Quality Policy:

The goal of Dental Evolutions Inc. is to take the level of dental implant to new levels not achievable by existing technologies. It is our guiding principle to provide excellent products suitable for the given applications and to meet all applicable national and international standards while adhering to the highest ethical values.

We do this by:

  1. Developing and implementing Smart Thread (T) technology that enables the practitioners to use bone fixtures and dental implants in situations deemed unsuitable with current systems.

  2. Streamlining and simplifying the entire dental implant and bone fixture systems to make it easy to learn and master by the new practitioners and economical to keep in inventory.

  3. Dealing with our employees, vendors, and customers with utmost integrity and fairness.

The management of Dental Evolutions Inc. ensures that quality objectives, including those needed to meet requirements for product safety and efficiency, are established at highest achievable levels.



Dr. Parsa T. Zadeh, DDS, MAGD, FICOI 
Founder and CEO  

Parsa Zadeh is the founder of Dental Evolutions, Inc. and the Implanova Dental Implant System. He holds a mastership from the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and is a fellow of the International Academy of Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI). He is also certified for intravenous (IV) sleep sedation for a painless and seamless dental experience and advanced cardiac life support. Dr. Zadeh has been a practicing dentist in Beverly Hills, California for the past 30 years, and his vast knowledge experience in dealing with endosseous dental implants was used to design the features of the Implanova dental implant system.

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Dental Evolutions Introduces Dentist Removable Patient Fixed
 Implant Supported friction Grip Bridge: FRIDGE™.

 Beverly Hills, CA, May 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Dental Evolutions Inc.

Traditionally, wearing “dentures” was a sign of old age and lack of teeth. Emotionally, when patients have to wear removable teeth, they have great resistance. Traditional dentures suffer from lack of retention and unwanted mobility during mastication and speech. As implants became popular, the retention problem of dentures was resolved by attaching them to implants, however, they were still removable appliances, and they were fraught with social stigma.

In the past 20 years, various solutions have been adapted to fix this appliance to the jaw bone by the implants so that patients do not have to face the embarrassment of “wearing dentures”. This solution always involved either casting a gold bar that was an intermediary between the implant and the denture, or more recently, milling a titanium bar to act as an intermediary. This procedure is tedious, laborious and expensive. It takes hours of chair time and thousands of dollars of outside fees.

Apart from the cost and time it takes to fabricate these bars, this technique has the great disadvantage that it is fixed for both the patient and the dentist (unless spending 2-3 hours of chair time unscrewing and re-screwing). As a result, the bars were hardly ever removed for maintenance of the teeth or implants.

Now for the first time in the US, Dental Evolutions Inc. has introduced a dentist removable patient fixed implant-supported bridge – FRIDGE™. This technique has become possible by virtue of precision fit machine parts and taking advantage of newer, more flexible titanium alloys.

Apart from eliminating many of the time consuming and expensive steps and parts required in the screw retained system, this system has the benefit of being fixed for the patient and yet is easily removable by the dentist. The patient cannot and should not attempt to remove the teeth (therefore eliminating the stigma of “wearing dentures”) and at any checkup, the dentist can remove the teeth within 10 seconds to inspect, clean, and service them while the implants can be examined and cleaned. The teeth can then be re-inserted in a matter of seconds. This is indeed a revolutionary solution; a best of both worlds.

For more information about FRIDGE™ please visit our FRIDGE™SLIDESHOW.

Dental Evolutions Introduces New FDA-Approved

Dental Implant System Implanova at Annual AO Meeting in San Diego, CA.

Beverly Hills, CA, March 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Dental Evolutions Inc.

Dental Evolutions Inc. introduced the first self-grafting, self-osteomizing dental implant system at the Annual Academy of Osseointegration’s Annual  Meeting in San Diego, CA on Thursday, February 18th, 2016. “After studying, placing and restoring dental implants for more than 25 years, I thought of many improvements and noticed many shortcomings and limitations of existing dental implant systems. They are too expensive, too cumbersome, with too many parts to satisfy different implant case,” says founder of Dental Evolutions Inc. and inventor of Implanova, Parsa T. Zadeh, DDS, MAGD, FICOI.

The patent pending system is one of few dental implant systems on the market designed for practical use by dentists of any skill level but also for the convenience and pocketbooks of everyday patients. Key benefits of the Implanova Dental Implant System include:

  1. Smart self-grafting bone management system that mitigates the need for additional grafting and special procedures in cases of inadequate and/or soft bone.

  2. Low insertion torque allowing immediate loading capability and little to no wait time for osseointegration. This allows the implant, abutment and crown to be placed in a single day skipping the 6 month wait period for implant integration.

  3. Single attachment and screw size that can be used for the majority of clinical conditions. This creates low product costs with savings that can be passed down to consumers.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Southern-California-manufactured Implanova in 2015. These tests not only examined various aspects of the products themselves but also validated packaging integrity to maintain sterilization.

Implanova is now available for sale in the US and Canada. Dentists interested in learning more about the Implanova Dental Implant System can visit www.denvolution.com. Patients interested in locating an Implanova Certified Dentist can visit www.myimplantpro.com.

FRIDGE™: Friction Grip Bridging System
Published on April 4, 2017
Parsa Zadeh, DDS,MAGD

FRIDGE™ is the trademark of Friction Grip Bridge system. Fridge is a fixed prosthesis for the patient, but easily removable by the dentist. It takes advantage of precision milled Titanium parts to hold the teeth in by the same principle that has been in use by Bicon ® implants and abutments (castings with substantial added costs, limiting their use by the masses) for decades. 

Benefits of the FRIDGE™ system include: 

  • It does NOT require any implant level impressions, eliminating all the cost and time associated with this procedure. 

  • It does NOT require the Titanium or Zirconium bar to be milled, eliminating a major expense and source of frustration. 

  • It almost creates complete passive fit every time. 

  • It does not have any access holes to be filled that may complicate the esthetics in the anterior areas and become the weak points in posterior areas. 

  • It requires a fraction of the chair time and cost of the screw retained system.

Implants are placed following normal implant protocols. Unlike all-on-4 and similar techniques, only 5mm vertical clearance is necessary for this system.Using the paralleling screws,the implants are placed as parallel as possible. Friction grip abutments are placed and then friction Grip Caps™ and silicon washers are placed over the abutments. Caps are fully seated by mild finger pressure and then ready for pick-up. The prefabricated denture from the model is then tried over the caps to ensure clearance. 

A cold cure acrylic is mixed and is loaded into the denture when in its wet sandy stage and smoothed out. The model is then placed over the Friction Grip Caps and closed into occlusion once in dough stage. After setting, it is removed and washed and trimmed for a cleansable finish. It is then polished under the surface.




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