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TiTach is indicated as a removable attachment of a full arch prosthesis when used in pairs and for a partial arch prosthesis singly.  Due to high retention of these attachments maximum of two attachments are indicated per arch.

The TiTach prosthetic system (patent pending) was developed by Dental Evolutions, Inc. as a superior solution for implant-retained, full-arch removable restorations by offering the following features:

  1. TiTach can be used for indications requiring up to 30 degrees divergence for a single implant, or up to 60 degrees divergence between two contralateral implants.
  2. TiTach employs a metal-to-metal interface between the cap and abutment,  unlike nylon attachments such as Zest’s Locator® system.
  3. TiTach allows for up to 0.2 mm of vertical cushioning allowing for:
    • Compression of mucosa during function & parafunction.
    • Gradual seating of prosthesis in between relines due to bone resorption.
  4. TiTach is able to resist between 7 lbs to 10 lbs of force.

The TiTach™ Attachment System

The TITACH Attachment System consists of three parts.

1. TITACH Abutments
2. TITACH Caps
3. TITACH Silicone Sleeves

(Abutments available in short and long)

Short TiTach™ Abutment

Long TiTach™ Abutment